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An eviction is a legal process by which a landlord regains posession of a leased presmises from a tenant or occupant through court judgement. In most situations an eviction requires the involvement a court. If a landlord wishes to evict a tenant, he or she must follow strict procedures set forth by the state of Florida.

Some common types of eviction notices are:

  • Pay or Quit – A pay or quit notice is used where the tenant has not paid rent. The landlord then warns the tenant that if he does not pay, he will be required to leave.
  • Cure or Quit – A cure or quit notice is used where the tenant has violated another term of the lease. The landlord warns the tenant that if he does not fix the violation, he will be required to leave.
  • Unconditional Quit – A tenant is ordered to move out within a certain period of time under the unconditional quit notice. The tenant is not offered the opportunity to fix any problems.

What is an Unlawful Detainer?
If a tenant will not leave the premises after an eviction notice has been issued, the landlord must go to court and file an unlawful detainer lawsuit. An unlawful detainer lawsuit is a speedy action and will determine whether the tenant is required to vacate the premises.

No one wants to see an eviction happen. However, in certain cases there are no other alternatives. Evictions can be complicated and if not handled properly, illegal. Denise Murphy will help you identify the law that applies to your unique circumstance. Denise will review your situation and advise you on teh appropriate procedures according the Florida State Eviction Law.

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